Faculty Matters

Faculty Matters publishes on paper and online the news and views of DCFA members. That, of course, means you. Please, don’t hesitate to contribute or volunteer a colleague. In addition to the printed version of the magazine, which comes out at the beginning of each semester, our online presence enables us to share information and links to other news articles on an ongoing basis. If you have something you want to share with your colleagues anytime, get in touch with one of the Faculty Matters committee members. We’d love to hear from you. 

Faculty Matters – Number 22, Winter 2024 Edition

The Institutional Implications of Artificial Intelligence – David N. Wright
Gender-Inclusive Washrooms – A Safe Environment for All Genders? – A. Young Min
Disrespect for Academic Freedom in the Respectful Workplace? – Dr. Jacqueline Holler
What is a Letter of Expectation? – VP Stewardship

Faculty Matters – Number 21, Fall 2023 Edition

Jamming in Rwanda: A COIL-Inspired Study Tour – Hazel Fairbairn, Music
Ratification of the Collective Agreement – Devin Shaw, DCFA VP Bargaining
GoFundMe for the Twanda School of Creative Arts and Music – Hazel Fairbairn, Music
Is a Conference in Your Future? A Faculty PD Chair Outlines the PD Funds Available to You – Nancy Earle, English and Co-Chair of the LLPA PD Committee
Remembering Dr. C Scott Wilson – Steven Welch, Psychology
Fourth Annual DCFA Climate Emergency Speaker Series: Creative BC – Featuring Climate and the Film Industry

Faculty Matters – Number 20, Spring 2023 Edition

AIgarism: Chat GPT’s Assault on Academic Integrity – Ashton Howley, Communications
Vote of Non-Confidence Process Explored – Ralph Ferens, DCFA Member at Large
The Right to Learn: Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan | Report on a Talk by Dr. Lauryn Oates, CW4WAfghan – Dorritta Fong, Chair, DCFA Status of Women Committee
Capturing Nurses’ Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Photovoice – Ruhina Rana, Nicole Kozak, Nursing + Aggie Black, PHC
The Politics of Landgrabbing and Human Rights in Africa – Esayas Geleta, Sociology
DCFA Response to the 2023-2024 Draft College Budget – Rosilyn Teng, DCFA Temporary Member at Large
Remembering Ron Brown (1946-2023): An Educator’s Educator – Gillies Malnarich
Secwépemc 8: Land Defenders on Trial – Kim Trainor, Chair, DCFA Climate Emergency Action Committee

Faculty Matters – Number 19, Fall 2022 Edition

Driving Your Card – FacMat Staff
Changes in Labour Relations – Ralph Ferens
Spotlight on Faculty – FacMat Staff
Know Your Rights – DCFA
Confronting the Liars – Jon Paul Henry

Faculty Matters – Number 18, Spring 2022 Edition

Seeding the Future – Kim Trainor
Climate Changing – Nathalie Vigouroux, Wendy Hales
How to Retire – Morna Fraser
Bi-Cameralism – Ralph Ferens
Virus Hunters – Jon Paul Henry

Faculty Matters – Number 17, Fall 2021 Edition

On the Blockade Lines
Open Bargaining
Surveying Engagement
Respecting Freedom
Who am I?
Political Fictions

Faculty Matters – Summer Edition No. 2, 2021

“Burn it all down” – On the perils and necessity of decolonization
DCFA Concerns regarding CRPDL (Course Readiness Process for Distributed Learning) and the Collective Agreement

Faculty Matters – Summer Edition No. 1, 2021

The Edopticon: Wouldn’t CRPDL bring us one step closer?
Is it time to retire Douglas?

Faculty Matters – Spring Edition, No. 16, 2021

Tackling Racism
Freedom? What Freedom?
The Voice
Ask a Steward
On Fighting Fascists
Climate Action
Election Fairness
Vigilante Fantasies

Faculty Matters – Fall Edition, No. 15, 2020

Shaping the Future
Briefly Notes
Ask a Steward
Unbalancing EdCo
Surviving the Pandemic
The New Pro-Dev Funds
Freeing Up Bandwidth
On Unnecessary Books

Faculty Matters – Spring Edition, No. 14, 2020

Break the Silence
Ask a Steward
Importance of Being Civil
Applied Research
Us & Them
The DCFA Petition
Role Confusion
Climate Change

Faculty Matters – Summer Edition, No. 13, 2019

The Impairment Policy for Employees
The BC Electoral Reform Referendum
Ill-gotten gains?
Ask Lenny
Academic Freedom
Meet Jasmine Nicholsfigueiredo
Interview with Crozier

Faculty Matters – Fall Edition, No. 12, 2018

Evaluation of Faculty by Students
From the Editor
The Cheating Business
Treaty Power of Power Politics?
Candy Palmater – Keynote Speaker
Building High Participation Unions
Teaching Marx
Reflective and Critical Reading for Educators
The Gender Divide
People and Propoganda
Breathing is the New Smoking
Democracy or Democrazy

Faculty Matters – Spring Edition, No. 11, 2018

Bargaining 2019: Tilting the Table
From the Editor
The Transformation of Post-Secondary Education in Canada
A Matter of Access
The Psychology Department Position on the Course Evaluation Initiative (CEI)
The Art of Spin and the Permanent Closure of the Dental Assisting Certificate Program
The Shameful Situation of Sessional Instructors: A Challenge to the Bargainers of the Next Round
Planet of the Psychopaths
Mindfulness in Education
Blurred Lines
Ask Lenny
AGM Announcement

Faculty Matters – Winter Edition, No. 10, 2018

International Students: Who Needs Who(m)?
From the Editor
Lessons from the Ontario College Strike
The lowdown on Higher Ed
Space: The First Frontier
Remembrance in Action
Solitary Works
The Future is Open
Truth Hoping for Reconciliation: A Letter to Faculty
Ask Lenny

Faculty Matters – Fall Edition, No. 9, 2017

No Shortcuts
From the Editor
Managerialism: Neoliberalism from the Inside Out
Precarious Academic Labour in the Age of Neoliberalism
Michael Hudson: The Real Estate Crisis in Vancouver
The Emotional and Often Irrational Rush to Making Decisions
Philipines Field School 2015 – Part Two
Your Pension
Looking Forward to Retirement
For Whose Benefit?
Same as the Old Boss

Faculty Matters – Winter Edition, No. 8, 2017

Promises! Promises!
From the Editor
An Immigrant’s Story
Indigenizing Sport Science/Kinesiology
On Reading Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-up Call
Storming the Ivory Tower: Traversing the Moat of Money
Phillipines Field School 2015 – Part One
Where Is it?
Michael Hudson: The Real Estate Crisis in Vancouver
Ask Lenny
DCFA AGM Reminder