Who do you talk to at the Douglas College Faculty Association?

About the Douglas College Faculty Association

The Douglas College Faculty Association (DCFA) has represented Douglas College faculty since 1971 (the College admitted its first students in September 1970), with campuses in New Westminster, Surrey, and Richmond. The DCFA operated as a Society until 1975 and then also became certified under the Labour Relations Act as the official bargaining unit for instructors, counsellors and librarians.

In 1979, Douglas College was split into two colleges. Douglas College continued operating North of the Fraser River, with its main campuses located in New Westminster and Coquitlam. A new college, Kwantlen College, with major campuses in Surrey and Richmond, assumed operations South of the Fraser River. The Douglas College Faculty Association (renamed Douglas and Kwantlen Faculty Association (DKFA) continued to represent faculty from both Douglas College and Kwantlen College. In 1989 the DKFA reorganized into two separate unions, the Douglas College Faculty Association (DCFA), representing Douglas College faculty, and the Kwantlen Faculty Association (KFA) representing Kwantlen College.

The DCFA represents regular and contract faculty in collective bargaining of salaries, benefits, and working conditions. The DCFA also represents faculty on issues affecting their work, including appointments, evaluation, benefit plans, workload, professional development, and working conditions.