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International Women’s Day 2022

Tuesday, March 8th is International Women’s Day.  The DCFA Status of Women’s Committee will be collaborating with the Douglas Student’s Union, to celebrate on Tuesday, from 11am to 4pm in the Concourse.  The Committees will be handing out information, hot chocolate, and chocolates, and raising awareness of this important day. This year’s theme is #Breakthebias.  We look forward to your stopping by and saying hello!

DCFA Statement on the “Rally for Informed Consent at Douglas College”

On Thursday, February 3rd, the group Action4Canada held a “Rally for Informed Consent at Douglas College” in support of a student arrested for not wearing a mask while at Douglas College. Promoters and participants in this event spread misinformation which does not represent reality on the ground in our workplace.

First, Douglas College—with the exception of a few select programs—does not require vaccination for work or study within the institution. Therefore, the current mask mandate functions to mitigate the risk of transmission on campus—a protection that workers themselves have sought to maintain to protect themselves, students, and family. Therefore, the “freedom” to refuse a mask constitutes an anti-worker action.

Second, anti-vaccine and anti-mask groups have likened their cause to the history of the struggles of oppressed peoples. They have been rightly criticized for appropriating the yellow Star of David. More recently, they have likened their situation to Segregation. In no uncertain terms, we assert—to be emphasized especially during Black History month—that they have no right. Segregation in the United States was for ten decades the political suppression of, and the systemic degradation and humiliation of, Black Americans. Though often recognized as the terror of lynch-law justice in the South, de facto segregation existed in the North. Similar conditions prevailed in Canada: “public education, immigration, employment and housing were all subject to a veiled Jim Crow-style segregation that either formally or informally kept Black persons in social, economic and political subjugation” (Robyn Maynard, Policing Black Lives, Fernwood Press, 33).

The comparison of public health orders to Segregation amounts to the minimization and denial of the depth and magnitude of Segregation and its ongoing ramifications.

Devin Shaw
Interim President
Approved by Executive Council February 14th, 2022

About the Douglas College Faculty Association

The Douglas College Faculty Association (DCFA) has represented Douglas College faculty since 1971 (the College admitted its first students in September 1970), with campuses in New Westminster, Surrey, and Richmond. The DCFA operated as a Society until 1975 and then also became certified under the Labour Relations Act as the official bargaining unit for instructors, counsellors and librarians.

In 1979, Douglas College was split into two colleges. Douglas College continued operating North of the Fraser River, with its main campuses located in New Westminster and Coquitlam. A new college, Kwantlen College, with major campuses in Surrey and Richmond, assumed operations South of the Fraser River. The Douglas College Faculty Association (renamed Douglas and Kwantlen Faculty Association (DKFA)) continued to represent faculty from both Douglas College and Kwantlen College. In 1989 the DKFA reorganized into two separate unions, the Douglas College Faculty Association (DCFA), representing Douglas College faculty, and the Kwantlen Faculty Association (KFA) representing Kwantlen College.

The DCFA represents regular and contract faculty in collective bargaining of salaries, benefits, and working conditions. The DCFA also represents faculty on issues affecting their work, including appointments, evaluation, benefit plans, workload, professional development, and working conditions.