Anti-Racism Action Committee 2022/2023


Anti-Racism Action Committee (ARAC) TOR (PDF)

Black Lives Matter Support Statement

We, the DCFA Anti-Racism Action Committee, would like to extend our solidarity with the global Black Lives Matter Movement, and to support the general BIPOC communities.

We understand and recognize that this past summer, a spark was ignited which catapulted into the largest recorded Civil Rights movement in world history. Years of abuse, oppression, genocide, and mistreatment of Black and Indigenous peoples in the US, Canada, and around the world had taken its gruesome toll, and the murder of George Floyd was the final straw. We realize that this is not just an American problem, but it is most definitely a Canadian problem, as well as a global problem – let us not forget Regis Korchinski-Paquet, D’Andre Campbell, Sean Thompson, Abdirahman Abdi, and many more Black and Indigenous Canadian victims of police violence.

Since this movement began, many educational institutions, businesses, and organizations have come forward with their statements of solidarity, showing support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. We, the DCFA Anti-Racism Action Committee, acknowledge that we have a responsibility as members of the Douglas College community, to voice our own support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and as a newly formed committee, think it is important that this be our first action.

In times of great inequality and oppression, silence is complicity.

This is especially the case when coming from a position of great privilege. As an Educational Institution, entrusted with the education of our communities, Douglas College must be a leader in social movements. We call on the Douglas College community to publicly stand against police brutality and discrimination towards the Black and Indigenous communities. To stand against the current hate crimes that are happening towards the East Asian Community, as well as all forms of discrimination and bigotry towards the South Asian, Muslim, and Latinx communities, and any forms of racism that may exist in any way, shape, or form.

In addition, the DCFA Anti-Racism Action Committee calls upon the Douglas College administration to publicly announce their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, to pledge to be allies to everyone who is a part of the BIPOC community, and to promise to proactively support the change of policies and practices that perpetuate racism within Douglas College and the broader community.