Executive Council 2022/2023

Executive Council (EC) meets monthly from September to June to perform the business of the Association between General Meetings. As such, EC has decision-making authority on behalf of the membership. EC representatives report issues in their areas at these meetings, chaired by the President or designate. Furthermore, variances in course scheduling, administrative selection committees (when appropriate), and DCFA financial business are on EC agendas, along with any new business and matters arising between General Meetings. EC representatives also maintain email lists to report to their members regarding EC activities or calls for elections. Please consult the DCFA Constitution for more details.

ChairJasmine Nicholsfigueiredo[email protected]
Applied Community Studies

Tricia Rachfall[email protected]
Applied Community StudiesAlt: Davi Bachra[email protected]
Commerce and Business AdministrationMatthew Larson[email protected]
Commerce and Business AdministrationAlt: Rupa Manabala[email protected]
Health SciencesPeggy Wyatt[email protected]
Health SciencesAlt: Lisa Buono[email protected]
Humanities and Social SciencesRaquel Chapdelaine[email protected]
Humanities and Social Sciences Alt: Jakub Burkowicz[email protected]
Language, Literature and Performing ArtsDiane Stiles[email protected]
Language, Literature and Performing ArtsAlt: Kim Trainor[email protected]
Science and TechnologyShelley Weisser[email protected]
Science and TechnologyAlt: Shamsa Jessa[email protected]
Student and Learning ServicesCarrie Keen[email protected]
Student and Learning ServicesAlt: Daniela Pacheva[email protected]