Contract Committee 2022/2023

The Contract Committee meets monthly from September till June to discuss issues that members are having and grievances that have been filed. The Committee also prepares negotiating proposals and bargains those proposals during bargaining periods. In addition, members of the Contract Committee are also area stewards, ensuring that the Collective Agreement is followed in their constituency. If you are having a problem at work, contact your Contract Committee member. 

Photo: Picket Line 2013. Photo credit: Jennifer Kirkey.
Left to right: Sarah Stephens, Jennifer Kirkey, Yulia Kvasnikova

Co-ChairMelanie Young[email protected]
Co-ChairDevin Shaw[email protected]
Applied Community Studies (ACS)Cathy Lipke[email protected]
Applied Community Studies (ACS)Alt: Vacant
Commerce and Business Administration (C & BA)Simon Parker[email protected]
Commerce and Business Administration (C & BA)Alt: Andrei Ribalkin[email protected]
Health Sciences (HS)Pamela Piddocke[email protected]
Health Sciences (HS)Alt: Kimberly Blizzard[email protected]
Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS)Darcy Cutler[email protected]
Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS)Alt: Jill Fellows[email protected]
Language, Literature and Performing Arts (LLPA)Kim Trainor[email protected]
Language, Literature and Performing Arts (LLPA)Alt: Chris-Anne Stumpf[email protected]
Science and Technology (SCI/TECH)Elinor Matheson[email protected]
Science and Technology (SCI/TECH)Alt: Todd Harper[email protected]
Student and Learning Services (SAS)Alison Parry[email protected]
Student and Learning Services (SAS)Alt: Trevor Smith[email protected]
Language, Literature and Performing Arts (LLPA)Ex-Officio: Jasmine Nicholsfigueiredo,
DCFA President
[email protected]